Load Balanced Dedicated Server Solutions

What is Load Balancing?

Load balancing is where traffic is intelligently distributed amongst multiple physical servers to achieve optimal resource utilisation and increase reliability through redundancy.

The diagram below shows a typical Enterprise Load Balanced setup. Traffic from the internet initially passes through a failover firewall configuration to one of two loadbalancers, the load balancer will select a destination server based on configured rules to ensure no server or service is overloaded. In the event that any network component or server fails then traffic is rerouted in real time.

Benefits of Load Balancing

There are many benefits to Load Balancing:

  • Resilience - failures are not noticed by your service users. A failed server is automatically removed from the pool of available servers until the load balancer detects that the server is functioning correctly.
  • Performance - Requests are distributed between all available servers in the server pool making sure no servers are overloaded.
  • Flexibility - when performing maintenance servers can be taken offline without taking your service offline. During promotional periods where additional capacity is needed more servers can be added to increase your capacity, again with no downtime.

Who Needs Load Balancing?

Anyone who needs 100% uptime needs a load balanced solution. This could be e-commerce sites, medium and large scales enterprises or any other online service who"s reputation would be damaged by a service outage or poor performance.

Is Load Balancing Expensive?

Load Balancing is always more expensive than other hosting solutions as it involves more hardware but it doesn"t have to be prohibitively expensive.

Entry Level Load Balanced Solution:

This configuration is the simplest load balanced solution and involves two or more identically configured servers behind our shared load balances.

This solution will share load between servers to increase performance and will also allow you to stay online in the event of a server failure.With Idaq you can have this entry level load balanced solution free of charge if you take two or more servers and our server management packages.

Mid Range Load Balanced Solution:

This is an example of a solution providing a 100% uptime capability. At the front there is two failover firewalls. Behind these there are two dedicated load balancers. In the event that a firewall or load balancer fails service would not be interrupted. Behind the load balancers we have a number of frontend servers sharing the load and behind these we have mirrored database servers. The configuration can handle multiple failures without any loss of service.

With the exception of the free entry level solution all load balanced products are designed to suit your specific needs so prices and configurations vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Automated encryption, private registries, isolation policies and continuous scanning of Docker images and deployed apps means your production environment will be more secure then either bare metal or a VM.

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What is IBM Cloud Functions?

Based on Apache OpenWhisk, IBM Cloud Functions is a polyglot functions-as-a-service (FaaS) programming platform for developing lightweight code that scalably executes on demand.

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